[Picture Family] Haddy Family

I met Jessica in 2017 when she performed (violin) as a duet with a friend of mine who played Piano. And ever since, she has asked me to come film the SoCal Philharmonic concerts since she is first chair. This holiday season, Jessica had me come over one afternoon to her house in Laguna Beach to photograph her family for their Holiday card. They do the same photo every year, full family with an instrument. I was honored to photograph this year’s photo.

[Picture Love] Mrs & Mrs Cupa

Bettie and I skate together at High Tide Roller Derby. She entered our free LGBTQ+ family giveaway this past Pride month and won! One way her and her wife bond is by being tattooed by her. Bettie’s left arm is almost completely covered in tattooes that her wife did. How cool is that?! I absolutely love capturing people in their element and this session was no exception!

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Sarah C.

[Picture Life] L.A. Pride 2018

This year was the first time I participated in celebrating Pride month as an out pansexual woman. My husband and I went to the festival on Saturday and then the parade on Sunday so I snapped a few photos to commemorate the magical occasion. 

Did you celebrate in your area? I would love to hear a few words about your experience this year! 

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