Hybrid Studios Show | Orange County Documentary Photographer

Last week I went to check out some friends' bands and brought my camera along with me.
I loved seeing all the amazing female musicians shredding on guitar and rockin' vocals. As a whole, it was a really fun show outside Hybrid Studios located in Santa Ana, CA.


I arrived a little late and caught the last few songs from Precious Kid. The drummer from Dylan Minnette's band Wallows filled in and it was a blast!

Up Next...The Gromble. These guys have been playing together for years and at this show they played all new music for their longtime fans. The new tunes are pretty rad.

My husband, in the black hat, was running sound for the show - proud wife moment!

Up Next...No Vacation..From San Francisco! It was a treat to have this awesome band stop by Orange County on their California tour.

And last but not least, The Aquadolls! Their high energy had the crowd moving and they put on a great show.

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Sarah C.

The Gromble | Orange County Concert Photographer

It was a pleasure to photograph The Gromble last night at Orange County DIY in Lake Forest, CA. This little venue is quickly becoming a favorite of mine to shoot at. They keep booking fantastic bands and it's a rad little spot in south Orange County. Upstairs there's a studio owned by The Gromble where artists are recorded and produced by the drummer, Stefan Mac.
Hope you enjoy these photos and be sure to check out the band's music.

Venue: Orange County DIY located at North Dwarf Records in Lake Forest, CA.

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- Sarah

The Shakes & Dear Kora | Orange County Documentary Photographer

Last night I attended a small show for local bands in Lake Forest, CA. The opener was The Shakes. They were a fun alternative indie rock band that moved people to dance which I really enjoyed. And next up was Dear Kora. I loved their emotional vibe and hint of Flyleaf tone. They really captured the audience and even had a mosh pit going at the end.

In the past when I have done concert photography I have solely focused on the band but now with the documentary mindset, I found myself focusing on the fans and getting the raw emotion of the show.

I shot in RAW but I put my settings to Monochrome (Black & White) in camera, knowing that I could see them in color later when editing. While editing, I decided I liked how the majority of photos looked in Black & White and stuck with that. 

Hope you enjoy :)

Venue: Orange County DIY located at North Dwarf Records in Lake Forest, CA.

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- Sarah


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I enjoy the thrill of putting together a costume.
I decided a month ago that I wanted to be Beetlejuice this year since my hair was kinda green.

It's show time!

So then it became a matter of putting together my costume since I don't like buying packaged costumes (unless it's perfect like my Peter Pan Costume haha)  I bought my pants at Forever 21, tank top at Target, and tie at Party City. I owned the jacket already. Special effects make up was purchased at Spirit Halloween: white cream, green grease, purple and black eyeshadow, liquid latex, and brown browshadow (pre-owned). Shout out to my friend Amanda Fonseca for instructing me on how to achieve make up I wanted!


Lastly, my roots had grown out and I needed them green (plus I needed a hair trim) so I went to Jessica at Gold & Braid Salon in Mission Viejo, CA and I was thrilled with the results of a green shadow root and silver ends. 

Halloween has been twice as fun the last 4 years since I have been able to dress up with my significant other. This year we went as gender-bending Beetlejuice and Lydia Deets. We celebrated Halloween at our friend Ali's birthday party and we had a fun little photoshoot. 

My husband Chris had all the clothes and hat already so I bought some black lace for a veil, created a polaroid, and he borrowed my 35mm camera (I couldn't find my polaroid camera!).

My whole life is a dark room
— Lydia Deets
Our new friend

Our new friend

I myself am strange and unusual
— Lydia Deets
I’m the ghost with the most, babe!
— Beetlejuice

How was your Halloween? Who did you dress up as?