[Picture Life] with The Guimonds & Powell Families | Orange County Family Photographer

This is a Sunday afternoon, well spent! Sunshine, planes overhead, and two loving families ready for some portraits!

I met these families under sorrowful circumstances. We have a mutual friend who recently died. His mother, Lynda, gifted Heather and Terra and their families with a photo session this holiday season. I was thrilled to spend some time with them and capture some special memories.

We decided to shoot at Back Bay in Newport Beach where I photographed Michael this summer to pay tribute to our friend. I am stoked on these photos, so enjoy! 

First we have The Guimonds. This trio was so much fun. I let the little one take the lead and he did a marvelous job. 


and now for The Powells


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[Picture Life] ETA February 2015!

To secure the privacy of my client's child, I will refrain from saying their names in this post. Mother will be referred to as L, Father as G, and Daughter, as B.

L and I met in the summer when she had a tiny baby bump. After seeing her over the course of the next 6 months, she approached me to take her next maternity photos. I was thrilled! L is so sweet and encouraging about my craft. I couldn't ask for a better client! I went over to their home, which is currently being remodeled and once everyone was ready, we set out to a local park! 

B is such a ball of joy! She was so precious and such a good helper on our shoot.

My most common question for B was, "can you touch mommy's belly? Can you give your brother a kiss?" She only compiled a couple times, and this was my favorite. 

Itty bitty Uggs!

Itty bitty Uggs!

B was too cute! She was trying to climb up on mommy.