[Picture Love] Mrs & Mrs Cupa

Bettie and I skate together at High Tide Roller Derby. She entered our free LGBTQ+ family giveaway this past Pride month and won! One way her and her wife bond is by being tattooed by her. Bettie’s left arm is almost completely covered in tattooes that her wife did. How cool is that?! I absolutely love capturing people in their element and this session was no exception!

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Sarah C.

[Picture LOVE] Shumaila & Yusuf

Shumaila invited me to her bridal shower to take some photographs of all the decorations and of course her with her friends. Her fiancé, Yusuf, would be coming by after the party so we could take some photos of the two of them since she rented her dress for this occasion. Her upcoming wedding is a Traditional Indian wedding so she wanted this special day to be documented as well. 

The dessert table was seriously to die for. It was such a great variety of sweets and displayed so perfectly! 

Lots of fun poses in from of this back drop. This was my personal favorite.

Lots of fun poses in from of this back drop. This was my personal favorite.

[Picture Motion] Dockter Wedding 2013

I am proud to show my latest highlight video for Matthew and Kathryn's wedding that took place in North Dakota on June 2, 2013. I met Kathryn on tumblr.com ages ago and we instantly bonded over photography and she was in a relationship with a guy she also met online.

Her and I met for a photoshoot in San Diego a couple years ago to simply hang out at the beach and take photos of each other. A year ago in October, Kat and Matt were visiting San Diego and we arranged a photoshoot again but this time, I took photos of the two of them and she took photos of my boyfriend Chris and I. It was a pleasure to finally meet Matt and see the Love birds together. It was a great day that will be cherished for years to come with photos to remember it by. 

By the time they got married this summer, they had been with each other for over 3 years and Kathryn had uprooted her life in Las Vegas, NV to be close to him. These two are the cutest and clearly have unconditional Love for one another and those around them. I am so thankful to have been apart of their wedding day.

Now please, sit back, and enjoy, feedback always welcome! 

[Picture LOVE] Suzanne & Jordan Engaged!

  I recently did an engagement session with these two Love birds in Laguna Beach, CA. A friend of mine had pointed out this spot to me just a couple months ago and I knew the next photo shoot I wanted on the beach would be here. I've known Suzanne for a couple years through church and she has modeled for me in the past. I was thrilled to hear of her engagement and honored to be asked to take their engagement photos. 

I hope you enjoy!