[Picture Family] Haddy Family

I met Jessica in 2017 when she performed (violin) as a duet with a friend of mine who played Piano. And ever since, she has asked me to come film the SoCal Philharmonic concerts since she is first chair. This holiday season, Jessica had me come over one afternoon to her house in Laguna Beach to photograph her family for their Holiday card. They do the same photo every year, full family with an instrument. I was honored to photograph this year’s photo.

The Shakes & Dear Kora | Orange County Documentary Photographer

Last night I attended a small show for local bands in Lake Forest, CA. The opener was The Shakes. They were a fun alternative indie rock band that moved people to dance which I really enjoyed. And next up was Dear Kora. I loved their emotional vibe and hint of Flyleaf tone. They really captured the audience and even had a mosh pit going at the end.

In the past when I have done concert photography I have solely focused on the band but now with the documentary mindset, I found myself focusing on the fans and getting the raw emotion of the show.

I shot in RAW but I put my settings to Monochrome (Black & White) in camera, knowing that I could see them in color later when editing. While editing, I decided I liked how the majority of photos looked in Black & White and stuck with that. 

Hope you enjoy :)

Venue: Orange County DIY located at North Dwarf Records in Lake Forest, CA.

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- Sarah