Amy & Taylor

Amy and I met a couple years ago through a mutual friend and we immediately bonded over our mutual love of The Walking Dead and photography. Amy has second shot for a few weddings of mine and she's an excellent photographer and mother. We recently got together with her 3yr old, Taylor, to have a video shoot where the two of them would dress up like princesses, have a tea party, and play.

The beginning of the session was not a pretty one. Taylor was quite unhappy with her choice of dress and to put it bluntly, she was throwing a tantrum and having a bad attitude. We almost gave up on doing the shoot that day. But after spending some time away from me and with her mom in the car, Taylor calmed down and was ready to play.  Oh the joys of having a toddler right?

Despite the hiccup in the beginning, the rest of the evening was perfect. The sun had just gone down over the hill so lighting was perfect and the two of them were just adorable playing together. 

Enjoy this video:

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