The Shakes & Dear Kora | Orange County Documentary Photographer

Last night I attended a small show for local bands in Lake Forest, CA. The opener was The Shakes. They were a fun alternative indie rock band that moved people to dance which I really enjoyed. And next up was Dear Kora. I loved their emotional vibe and hint of Flyleaf tone. They really captured the audience and even had a mosh pit going at the end.

In the past when I have done concert photography I have solely focused on the band but now with the documentary mindset, I found myself focusing on the fans and getting the raw emotion of the show.

I shot in RAW but I put my settings to Monochrome (Black & White) in camera, knowing that I could see them in color later when editing. While editing, I decided I liked how the majority of photos looked in Black & White and stuck with that. 

Hope you enjoy :)

Venue: Orange County DIY located at North Dwarf Records in Lake Forest, CA.

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- Sarah

[Picture Passion] Dance

For my final project in one of my classes at Chapman University, I was instructed to make a 2-3 minute mini documentary about someone and something that they do. I chose to make a film about my friend Chloe and her passion for dancing. As I finished editing, I decided that I wanted this to be the first mini doc in a series about people and their passions. I absolutely Love when people are passionate about something and I want to capture that on film. So if you would like a short video showcasing your passion, let me know. Let's make it happen! 

Feel free to leave your comments below about this film or any suggestions of future films!