[Picture Family] Haddy Family

I met Jessica in 2017 when she performed (violin) as a duet with a friend of mine who played Piano. And ever since, she has asked me to come film the SoCal Philharmonic concerts since she is first chair. This holiday season, Jessica had me come over one afternoon to her house in Laguna Beach to photograph her family for their Holiday card. They do the same photo every year, full family with an instrument. I was honored to photograph this year’s photo.

[Picture Family] Ashley, Robert, and baby Frankie

I’ve been friends with Ashley for a few years now and we met on Instagram. We live only 15 minutes away from each other and I have enjoyed watching her family grow. Her and Robert are great parents to Frankieand she is such a darling baby. Check out some of my favorites from our beach/home session!

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Sarah C.

[Picture Life] with the Millers | Orange County Family Photographer

In April I held a Mother's Day Giveaway contest in my VIP Facebook Group (go join!) where I had people nominate a deserving mom for a FREE photo/video shoot. So many incredible women were nominated and after all the votes were counted, the winner was Ashley Miller!

Ashley and I worked at the same company in HR a few years ago and I had not seen her since she left. It was great to catch up a bit and to meet her adorable little fam.

Without further ado, meet the Millers!

It was a pleasure to document this family at one of their favorite places and give them photographs and a film to cherish for a life time. If you are interested in booking your authentic family session, drop me a line!

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Sarah C.

[Picture Life] with The Guimonds & Powell Families | Orange County Family Photographer

This is a Sunday afternoon, well spent! Sunshine, planes overhead, and two loving families ready for some portraits!

I met these families under sorrowful circumstances. We have a mutual friend who recently died. His mother, Lynda, gifted Heather and Terra and their families with a photo session this holiday season. I was thrilled to spend some time with them and capture some special memories.

We decided to shoot at Back Bay in Newport Beach where I photographed Michael this summer to pay tribute to our friend. I am stoked on these photos, so enjoy! 

First we have The Guimonds. This trio was so much fun. I let the little one take the lead and he did a marvelous job. 


and now for The Powells


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[Picture Life] Elodie Turns 1!

Elodie (Rhymes with Melody) turned 1 recently and I was thrilled to take some lifestyle photos for this family. Heather and I were part of the same roller derby league before I broke my leg and before she became a mom. She fit into the mom role quite nicely and her little bundle of joy is too precious for words so let me show you some photos!